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Commercial Fire Alarms

Empire D.B. install and maintain all types of commercial and industrial fire alarms Fire alarm systems. Installing fully functional fire alarm systems is a legal requirement and it is vital for the safety of people working in these large sized buildings such as big offices, retail stores and plazas etc. Because of wide area and large size of commercial building fire alarm systems need extra care in all steps from planning and designing to installation. Our professionals are best known when it comes to a full fire risk assessment for any type of commercial building before installation.

Importance of fire alarm system is undeniable in commercial properties because fire alarms save lives and it is nevertheless the bigger incentive. Having fully functional fire alarms system installed at your commercial building simply ensures that everyone who enters into your building, is fully protected.

It is strongly recommended to stay away from Ineffective and substandard fire safety alarms. Always contact with authorized, professionally qualified and experienced fire alarm systems services providers because it is a matter of saving lives. Save yourself from strict penalties and heavy fines by protecting your commercial buildings with sufficient and appropriate fire alarm systems installed by Empire D.B.

For all business owners it is legally required to protect themselves and their staff from potential fire injuries this is why it is crucial to have a standard fire alarm system compliant with latest British Standards that won’t ever let you down. Please contact us to consult with our professional fire alarm specialist to help you choose the most appropriate type of fire detector and monitoring system for your office or any commercial building. Please call us at 0203 439 0308 or email us at info@empiredb.co.uk to get in touch with fire alarm specialists today.

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